Papua New Guinea – Sigri AA

29,00 lei TVA inclus

Sweet and fruity specialty coffee that beautifully blends complex hints of sugarcane, dried fruits and sweets.

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In the deep jungles and remote islands of Papua New Guinea, stories of a flying creature called the Ropen (“demon flyer”) are commonly associated to the energizing flavor of our Sigri AA.

A large bird-like creature with the wing-span of about 8 meters, dark-gray coloration, long serpentine neck, beak and a distinctive head crest. Described as a nocturnal creature with bioluminescent glow, the Ropen possesses two leathery wings like a bat, a long tail with a flange on the end, a beak filled with teeth, and razor-sharp claws. It’s believed that it feeds on the same coffee plant our Sigri AA is made of.

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