Brasil – Mato do Salgado UTZ+RFA

29,00 lei TVA inclus

Structered complex and well rounded. Crisp and clear with notes of red berry and dried fruit with molasses sweetnes in the finish.

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Make Brasil come ALIVE with this single-origin specialty inspired by Caipora, the jungle dweller of Brazilian legend. A forest spirit that manifests in the form of a dark-skinned boy or girl, Caipora sometimes has his feet pointing backwards, to deceive trackers! Vengeful of hunters who disrespect nature, Caipora disorients them by leaving fake tracks and simulating animal noises.

This spirit of good-hearted mischief is well represented in Cerrado Red Catuai specialty coffee, with it’s full-bodied aroma yet lightweight aftertaste.

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Weight 250 g



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